1973-1974 Season

Kenny Young Retires

It wasn't planned, it wasn't anticipated. The first race of the year. Redfield, New York. Kenny pulled to the line in Mod IV, with the debut of perhaps the most beautiful and promising of Regal's creations. A finely crafted, 3 cylinder El Tigre' that seemed to be strong and powerful in the "street testing" in front of Regal's home. Expectation of this machine was high. There just seemed to be something special about it.

The flag dropped and out of the hole like a cannon he shot! Through turns one and two, leaving the others behind, Ken rocketed down the backstretch. But that was as far as the sled made it around the track!

Man and machine continued straight through the 3rd turn and over the bank in a violent crash. Sustaining injuries, Ken made an on-the-spot decision and announced to Everet that his final race had been run. He was retiring at that moment, from his five(5) year reign of the USSA racing circuit.

The two(2) pictures below were taken at Regal's home, prior to the first race. They may very well be the only pictures of that sled in existence.

To no surprise, Everet chose to end his career as engine/sled builder and the Widow Makers years of track terror came to an end.

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