History of the Widowmakers

Widowmakers race team

snowmobile race team

Everet B. Regal 1932 - 2011
Everet B. Regal 1932-2001

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To some, the early 1970's represents the glory years of snowmobile racing in the United States.
An organized effort to sanction and schedule world class competition throughout the U.S. was coming together in the hands of the United States Snowmobile Association.
With 1970 marking the first, true, sanctioned
USSA World Series of Snowmobiling,
teams formed, legends grew and the professional snowmobile racing circuit was off the starting line in exhilarating fashion!
Though many great teams, from factory to privateer, earned their rightful place in the history books, this exploration provides inside stories and a look into only one.

They called themselves...The Widowmakers
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Check out the June 2002 issue of VSCA Magazine for a feature story on the Widow Makers!
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